Inn Keeper /Manager in training - - Cabo Pulmo , ME

Inn Keeper /Manager in training - - Cabo Pulmo , ME

Posted: 10/18/2017 - 7:51 am

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 This is a tremendous long term opportunity for a working couple to grow a successful business and live in paradise!

We are a rare jewel, the darling of the Mexican Environment movement and the largest living coral reefs in the Eastern Pacific north of Equador  You will work, play and live off the grid on a secluded white sand beach with no neighbors in a unique ecosystem  with this position that is open and to be filled before 10-1- 2017


This couple needs to have a strong work ethic, great organizational skills, and a professional attitude.  A couple, 30’s to mid 50’s that has worked together in a previous business setting would be ideal.

Experience is needed in Reservations systems and plant, building, of fthe grid utilities systems  at least 1 strong Spanish speaker and keen interest in managing over time able all aspects of the operation after a hands on training period.

Position information

You will receive a negotiated salary in the range of beginning at $1000 a month and accommodations with an initial 6 month management agreement in place.    Lodging and vehicle for company business are provided.  After the initial training season (6 mos.) the compensation plan will include % of net profit incentives.  Only qualified Couples with long term goals, strong work ethic and desire for significant financial gains need apply.  You will reside in Juan Arena, an employee area of living quarters with bath, kitchen and adjacent work shop and three other separate living quarters. You will have private living quarters. These include 2 RV trailers, a second floor flat and in Juan Arena a large building which includes shop, storage,  bath room and kitchen.  You will have access to a car for business use.

Paid live in domestic help  and volunteers, that barter room and board for 30 hours week labor, mostly from are currently a part of our model. 



1.Marketing/reservations office management,  Word Press based website, calenders, computer, communication and interface with Ad words, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Airbnb, VRBO, Airbnb, VRBO.

2. Fluent Spanish speaker ; at least one person 

3.Plant and Equipment Management Maintenance and Repair- off the grid technologies, solar, water, plumbing, electrical, fuels, tools,  basic construction, repair and fix-up,  engine, motor, irrigation, vehicle, appliance,  property, security/fence, signage, and landscape development and maintenance.

4,Leadership skills, team building, out-going, warm, welcoming, and friendly personality.  Management of employees, volunteers and contractors.  Guest hosting experience and being an extrovert type manger  with decision-making and problem-solving skills.

5.Managing hotel reservations and room occupancy, billing, bookkeeping, spreadsheets, collections and payments. accounting, book-keeping, and money management, payroll, paying monthly bills, taxes and interface with Contador (CPA) .

6. Guest hosting, services and housekeeping . 

7. Paid live in domestic help, volunteers that barter room and board for 30 hours week labor, mostly from plus some day labor are currently a part of our model. 

Living and Life Style benefits:

All of our accommodations are indoor/outdoor living made possible by a dry high desert  climate and breezes on Punta Los Mangles a significant point and estuary consisting of a lagoon, oasis, , dunes and beach.  The climate is huely important, with favorable winds off the ocean making the summer months delightful between the tropical depressions that moving through northward. 

The Hotel Business

We are alone on a beautiful white sand beach with all natural surroundings.  Our guests are comfortable in the outdoors and appreciate the secluded location indoor/outdoor living, in the Park.  We are 20 km from the nearest supply hub which is the village of La Ribera. 1 1/4hour  1/4 from the SJD international airport. The village of Cabo Pulmo (maybe 200 full time residents) with 6 restaurants and 4 dive shops and other activities vendors is three miles away. 

  Improvements include a Classic Palapa Grande -4 bd , 2 ba,  Two Casitas ( and a 3rd under construction), with bathrooms and kitchens and four Cabanas with a two bath bath house. Casitas are stationary popup RV's/caravans with sombras and patios.


 William White is lead owner of this family entity which holds the title to this >7.5 acres of land on which the hotel & improvements sit. We enjoy 150 mts of East Cape road front which benefits our exposure, as 90% of the traffic to the village passers by.  

William is the the sole owner of the hotel business that operates on Punta Los Mangles, a ecosystem of estuary, lagoon, oasis, dunes and white sand beach front with no neighbors in a kilometer or more.

The business is growing up fast with gross revenues up 60% so far year over year.  I rebuilt for two years after Hurricane Juan in ’06 and we opened Pappagallo in '08 just in time for the down turn.   Eagle’ s Nest in ’10 and Sunset in ’12 and the cabanas the cabanas and now a third Casitaapproach which contributes to wonderful sleeping and enjoying the all natural surroundings.  Expansion is in the planning stages.  What will be the largest Casita and on the beach front is under construction now.

We are a growing resort market.  Lodging competition in the Park is limited to the Village helping make this business location before the Village on the East Cape Road special.

Other Business Assets

1. over 200 reviews with all but a hand full being rated 4 or 5 star with our booking partners, Airbnb, Expedia, VRBO, TA, Google adwords.

 2.150 meters of road front on the East Cape road. This is 90% of the road used to access CP Village.  Our signage & exposure brings drive-ins contributing about 20% of our business.

3. Solitary Beachfront location in the Park, slightly populated with all natural surroundings.

4. The breeze is King!  Punta los Mangles gets the first and most sea cooled breezes through the summer with the exception of when tropical drepressions move through in the late summer and early fall.  The high desert climate, with 330 sunny days a year contributes to this paradise.

5. Dark sky initiative; this beach surrounded by mountains with no development so the sky is full of stars.

This job opening has expired. Click here to see the latest job openings. (If you are a subscriber and you are seeing this expired listing, you need to log in with your username and password.)