Innkeepers Needed for Motel and Cabins - Weirs Beach, NH

Innkeepers Needed for Motel and Cabins - Weirs Beach, NH

Posted: 3/5/2018 - 3:13 am

Working Couple for 31 unit NH Lakes Region Motel and Cottages

We are looking for a couple to live on site in 3 bedroom managers house and provide front desk solution, assistant management support, and head housekeeping assistance, and general yard maintenance.

We are looking for couple who understands this business is 24/7. We don’t expect that. We are dividing up the workload to ensure time to live and enjoy. A couple is a team, we expect the team to work together. Phones are portable and so is the doorbell. You will not be a slave to the desk (although some days, yep, you will).

We are looking for tinkerers and putters. People who take pride and get it done.

This is an ideal position for someone who wants to work and play in New England in the summer and winter in Florida or south in the winter.


First the Reponsibilies


1.      Must have hotel/motel experience. It is a short season and we want someone able to get right into it. Someone who is already familiar with telephone sales, standard policies, such as cancellation, no shows, additional guests and other misc fees, etc. As we said, familiar with the business.

2.      As the onsite manager you will ensure guest behavior, deal with any small maintenance issues that may come up, and provide general help as needed

Yardwork / Gardens / Pool

1.      Mow and weed whack property once per week or as needed

2.      General grounds maintenance

3.      Take care of flower gardens and planters

4.      Daily chemical and vac

Light maintenance

1.      Trash

2.      Light bulbs, toilet issues, blown breakers/fuses

3.      General things to get guest back going

House keeping assistance

1.      Helping ensure high quality cleaning

2.      Acting as runner for Head Housekeeper 5 days per week and providing all Head Housekeeper functions 2 days per week

3.      Helping ensure high quality cleaning

Skills Required

1.      Office / Computer / Reservation system

1.      We really want someone who is familiar with computers. Familiar with reservation systems. We use InnRoad-InnKeeper. It is important to understand the business and be familiar with computer programs. If you are comfortable with computers it is easy to bounce around and learn new software. It is a short season and you need to learn and be up to speed quickly.

2.      Typing

3.      Good phone and communication skills / etiquette

4.      Use text messaging

5.      Confidence

2.      Maintenance and yard work

1.      Basic handyperson skills

2.      Know how to keep plants/flowers alive and green

3.      Able to use yard equipment – mower and blower

4.      Trash out 2x per week to roadside – we use trash cans and they need to get out twice a week early (can be up to 20 on worst case busy times)

5.      Pool chemistry and vacuum (easy to learn)

3.      Housekeeping– Know how to put detail into clean. We have housekeepers, you will assist head housekeeper and help ensure super in super clean.

Work Schedule

1.      Schedule varies as does the workload throughout the short season

2.      Desk / Counter / Reservation Phone

a.      12May thru 15Jun

     -  Varies – approx 2 days limited or no desk duty 9 am to 9 pm per week

b.      16Jun thru 14Sep

     - Sat, Sun, Mon, Thur, Fri -  Fri – 9 am to 9 pm and late arrival

     -  Mon, Tue – late arrivals after 9 pm

c.      15Sep thru 19Oct

     -  Sat, Sun, Mon, Thur, Fri -  Fri – 9 am to 9 pm and late arrival

     -  Mon, Tue – after 5 pm

3.      Light Maintenance / Helping House Keeping / Yard Work / Pool

a.      Getting it done, keep it moving – all days


1.      Housing

1.      Living Quarters – 3 BR, 2 bath apartment

1.      During season (10May-30Oct)

1.      Heat, ac, electric, Directv, internet, water/sewer, trash included

2.      Off season (01Nov-01May) – some may decide to want to stay through the winter, not required

1.      Directv, internet, water/sewer, trash

2.      You supply heat (oil) and electric

2.      Salary – We offer a competitive package of salary and year end completion bonus. Total package will depend on experience.

3.      Season is from 12 May through approximately 19 Oct

1.      Training / Prep 12May-25May (training and opening rooms-helping clean and organize)

2.      Spring - slow season   26May-09Jun

3.      Peak   10Jun–07Sep

4.      Fall – slow season 08Sep-19Oct

NOTE: If you took the time to read about our position, Thank you. Also, please note there is no way to document and capture all the nuances of running a motel and cottages resort. For those of you who know what it takes, please understand we want you to work hard, have pride, and get out and live. For those of you that are new to the experience and want to learn, ask someone who knows (feel free to call us too, we've done it, we know too).


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