Lodge Managers - Mt. Hotham Victoria Australia

Lodge Managers - Mt. Hotham Victoria Australia

Posted: 3/1/2016 - 4:37 pm

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The policy of our lodge is that we wish to provide a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for our guests.


There are no duties for guests apart from:

v  Preparation of their own food and associated cleaning up.

v  Guests should vacuum their rooms on departure, empty bins and leave beds tidy.



The lodge managers’ duties are set out below and summarized in the attached schedule.

1.       Managers Service to Guests

In general, assist guests to settle in and familiarize themselves with the lodge; including:

v  Be present in the lodge to welcome guests on Friday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon and evening.

v  Familiarize new guests with lodge area and point out shared stores in kitchen and food storage areas for their use.

v  Ensure smooth changeover between departing and arriving guests and that rooms have been left clean and luggage removed.

v  Fire escapes and emergency exits need to be pointed out.

v  Ensure guests have their own linen (fitted & flat sheets) or sleeping bags (must have a fitted sheet if bringing a sleeping bag) including pillowslips & towels. Linen and towels can be supplied at a cost of $25.00 per person when necessary.

v  Make guests aware that Karnulurra is a non smoking lodge and that there is to be no smoking in any indoor area.

v  Seek guests cooperation in running the lodge but in such a way that they feel comfortable and welcome at all times.

v  Guests need to realize that it is a club lodge and not serviced apartments and that they, are required to assist where possible.



2.       Managers Coordination with Booking Officer

v  The lodge managers shall liaise with the booking officer to coordinate bookings and bed allocations.

v  Bookings to be set out on whiteboard in the downstairs foyer on Friday and Sunday morning and whenever bookings come in.

v  To ensure high occupancy, “on mountain” bookings and enquiries are to be encouraged. All accommodation booked through managers must be coordinated with Booking Managers and paid for before departure.

v  Records must be kept of casual bookings and moneys safely stored in locked room and the booking officers provided with details.


3.       Managers Cleaning and Maintenance Duties

Lodge cleaning forms a major part of the lodge managers duties. In general, cleaning shall be undertaken to provide a presentable lodge for the guests and this shall include the duties summarized below and in the attached schedule.


A thorough clean of the lodge shall be carried out at least twice a week. Thursdays or Fridays and Sundays or Mondays (depending on the occupancy due to long weekends) are the most appropriate for thorough cleaning but some of these duties can be carried out at other times.


Pre season clean of the lodge

Managers are responsible for the pre season clean of the lodge which shall include:

v  Dusting thoroughly and wiping all surfaces.

v  Thoroughly cleaning bathrooms, toilets, spa, drying room and all bedrooms and vacuuming all areas.

v  Clean all windows.

v  Fit beds with mattress protectors & pillows with protectors. Ensure that pillows and doonas are provided for each bed.

v  Clean out all kitchen cupboards and set out contents for easy access. Clean oven and stovetops using special cleaner.


Daily Cleaning and Maintenance Duties

Daily cleaning of some areas of the lodge will be required in order to maintain a tidy and presentable atmosphere. Such activities to include:

v  Daily vacuum and tidy of lounge area

v  Daily tidy and wipe of kitchen benches and stove top.

v  Daily tidy of foyer and drying room area.

v  Daily check and clean of toilets and bathrooms  – including where required: bench wipe; bathmats changed and supply of paper checked.

v  Daily check garbage in kitchen, compress or remove to collection - please encourage recycling.


Twice Weekly Thorough Clean of Bathrooms, Showers and Toilets

v  Scrub and disinfect toilets including seats.

v  Ensure there is an adequate supply of paper and other supplies.

v  Empty bins.

v  Wash out showers and wipe/clean basins.

v  Wash floors and check cupboards.

v  Change and wash bathmats.

v  Check shower curtains and wash as required.


Twice Weekly Thorough Clean of Kitchen

v  Ensure general cleanliness and tidiness. Wipe food storage cupboards and see that crockery and pot cupboards are neatly stacked and cutlery drawers clean and well supplied.

v  Remove unwanted food from fridges and wipe out.

v  Clean oven, stovetops and grill and wipe benches.

v  Ensure that there are adequate supplies of clean tea towels, paper towel sponges and other requirements and wash tea towels.

v  Thorough clean of oven to be carried out at least fortnightly.


Twice Weekly Thorough Clean of Lounge Hallways, Playroom and Foyer

v  Move furniture and vacuum,

v  Dust or wipe surfaces.

v  Check games and tidy generally.


Miscellaneous Cleaning & Activities

v  Clean lounge windows at least every fortnight

v  General check of lodge services

v  Ensure that there is safe access to the lodge – i.e. clear access doors of snow and provision of snow steps near entrance if icy.

v  Weekly clean of Sauna.

v  Tidy laundry weekly

v  Wash hired linen if required. Please do not use the driers for linen especially towels. Hang in laundry or drying room if necessary.


Fire and Wood Supply

v  Ensure that fire is always left safely and screen in place if unattended.

v  Fill the wood box and provide a set fire or kindling for new arrivals. You may wish to encourage some guests to bring up firewood from the wood room.

v  When wood supply is low or cleaning materials are required ring John or Merrilyn Nash


General Maintenance

v  Managers will be expected to carry out simple repairs but if a tradesman is required please ring Pete Stevenson or John Nash to discuss the problem. In the case of an emergency managers will use their own discretion.

v  Vermin are an ongoing problem at Hotham and preventative measures may need to be taken and evidence removed.

This job opening has expired. Click here to see the latest job openings. (If you are a subscriber and you are seeing this expired listing, you need to log in with your username and password.)