• Job Seeker FAQ (scroll down for employer FAQ)

Q: We subscribed, but don't seem to have access. What's wrong?
A: This normally occurs when you subscribe with one username and try to access the site with a different username. If you have any trouble logging in as a paid subscriber, just drop us an email with the details and we will get you the proper access (usually within an hour or two). The other issue is confusion between free subscriptions and paid subscriptions. To see the differences, go here: workinginnkeepers.com/subscribe-now

Q: Ok, we know we are paid subscribers and we are logged in correctly but we still can't see the contact information. Now what?
A: If you are a paid subscriber and you are logged in correctly but still cannot view the employer contact information, you will probably need to clear your browser cache. Browsers will "cache" pages to save time if you go back to visit the same page again later. So when you visited a job page and you weren't yet a subscriber (and couldn't access the employer contact information), your browser took a snapshot of that page. Now that you are a paid subscriber and you re-visit that page, your browser is serving up the old snapshot they took from before. If you clear your browser cache, the correct page will appear. (Every browser is different - if you need help clearing your browser cache, just Google "clear browser cache + "your browser" and Google will provide you specific instructions).

Q: How do we cancel our paid subscription?
A: To cancel your future recurring billing, you can click the "My Account" link under your username in the left column (when you are logged in). Then click "Recurring Fees", then "Cancel".  Once you unsubscribe you won't be billed again, but we cannot refund for any partial months. Your access will remain until your paid subscription runs out.

Q: We clicked on the "unsubscribe" link in an email alert but we are still getting billed?
A: Unsubscribing from one our our email alerts does not cancel your paid subscription access. These are two completely separate services. To cancel your paid subscription, you must follow the procedures as outlined above. If you successfully cancel your paid subscription you will receive an email confirmation stated that you will no longer be billed. 

Q: What contact information will be provided to us when we subscribe?
A: That's totally up to the employer that posts the job opening. It could be a phone number, fax number, email address, website, or postal address. It could also be any combination of these things. Whatever method(s) of contact the employer provides, that is what we will pass on to you.

Q: We were asked to pay/provide personal information before we have met the prospective employer in person. Should we be worried about this?
A: YES!! It is our strong recommendation that you don't provide any sensitive information or certainly DO NOT pay anything (for credit/background checks, etc) prior to actually doing your due diligence. We screen as much as we can, and although we rarely hear from our subscribers about these types of things on our site, it CAN happen if you are not careful. Legitimate employers do not operate in this fashion. Please be cautious until you have been able to ascertain the legitimacy of the employer.

Q: How do we edit our resume?
A: First, make sure you are logged in with your username and password. You will see your username in the very left hand column of the page. Under your username, you will see a link that says "My Listings". Click on that link and it will bring up your resume (and the ability to edit it).

Q: I know it's only $5 per month for a paid subscription, but we are flat broke. What do you have for us?
A: We understand completely. Even if you cannot afford the 13 to 16 cents per day to be a paid subscriber, you can still fully access all of the premium job listings (the ones in the green boxes) with our free subscription program.

Q: Where can we expect the positions to be located geographically?
A: Anywhere in the world. Because we are a USA-based company, most openings are from the United States by default. Eventually you will see positions from every continent (well‚ maybe not Antarctica!). You might be inclined to take a job in the sunny Caribbean, or you may even apply for a job that doesn't require you to even relocate.

Q: I am applying for a job in another country. How do I know what the visa/passport requirements will be?
A: That is a question for the employer to answer, as every country has it's own laws and rules.

Q: I posted a resume on your website. Where is it?
A: All resumes first go into a moderation queue for review prior to publishing, so your resume may not appear immediately. It will appear within 24 hours, however. On the left side of the page, you will see two menu items that say "Resumes by Category" and "Resumes by Location". Click there and you will see the posted resumes.


  • Employer FAQ:

Q: I cannot seem to access the site to post a job. What's the problem?
A: Either you are not a registered user yet, or if you are you are not categorized as an employer. If you need to create a user account, then do that. If you already have a user name and password but cannot access the site to post a job, email us and we will make sure your account is assigned the role of employer.

Q: I have submitted my job listing but can't see in on the website. When will it appear?
A: All jobs that are submitted go into a moderation queue to be reviewed prior to being published. Unfortunately we receive many job submissions that are not suitable or appropriate for our job-seeking couples. We screen every job submission prior to publishing them to the site. Your job will normally be published within a few hours of submission (during normal business hours). If you have placed a premium job listing, the clock starts when we publish it - not when you submit it.

Q: How do I edit a job posting I already placed on the site?
A: First make sure you are logged in with your username and password. Then, in the left side menu of any page you will se your username. Under your username will be a link that says "My Listings". Click that link and any job postings you submitted will appear (along with an "edit" link. (Note: sometimes employers inadvertently create more than one username. If this is the case, you have to be logged in with the username you created the job posting with.)

Q: Is there any cost associated with this service?
A: There is absolutely no cost for employers to list job openings! This valuable service is absolutely FREE to you (Unless you wish to have premium placement - Click Here For Details). Your free posting is not guaranteed to run for any particular length of time. If you need it to run longer, consider our low-cost premium placement service.

Q: How do I receive applications from job-seekers?
A: We will pass on whatever contact information you provide for us (mail address, fax or phone, email, website, etc.) So PLEASE remember to include your contact info in the appropriate fields of your job opening.

Q: Can you protect my privacy? We would prefer not to be overrun with applicants calling us, etc.
A: The easiest way is to create a new gmail email address (it's FREE) specifically for this purpose.

Q: How can I remove/delete my job posting when my position is filled?
A: We have removed the ability for employers to delete their own listings (to prevent accidental deletions), but you can let us know (via email at support@workinginnkeepers.com or by using the "Contact Us" tab at the top of any page) when you have filled the position. We will immediately tag that position as filled, so you don't continue to receive applications (unless you wish to).

Q: Where do I view resumes of job-seekers?
A: Resumes are categorized by location. You can view resumes by accessing the menu on any page (they are on the left side, below the  "Jobs by Location" link.