Cabins and Motel Property Managers - White Mountains - Woodstock, NH

Cabins and Motel Property Managers - White Mountains - Woodstock, NH

Posted: 10/11/2020 - 9:26 pm

I'm looking for managers to run a cabin and motel business.  1000sq foot house for innkeepers to live in.  All utilities paid for.

The cabins were built in 1930 and are rustic but very clean.  The busy season is 6 months of the year from May through October.  There are 17 rooms on the property and only 4 open for winter months.

With most everything paid for except food, a moderate six month salary of $600 per week for the active summer season.  For the off season (winter) we offer $25 per completed stay.

This is a great opportunity, with very few expenses; the managers can save significant money and also work locally during the off season and save even more.  We also provide a bonus incentive based on performance and growth.

In 2017 we paid the manager $3000 in bonus.

Prospects must have some skills to do maintenance and property improvements, be energetic, have good credit and their own transportation, no criminal records, drug or alcohol problems.

The main responsibilities include cleaning the cabins, doing laundry, take care of the grounds including the pool, managing inventory and upgrade things as needed,

Please give me time to review your credentials

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