Cafe manager, vegan chef, kitchen manager - Bolton Valley, VT

Cafe manager, vegan chef, kitchen manager - Bolton Valley, VT

Posted: 4/8/2019 - 1:04 pm

Our beautiful Inn on a mountain top has been established for 50 years and is now under new management. There are 15 rooms, including a Hostel (Dorm room) and a family suite. We have a plant based commercial kitchen, a cute little cafe, and a bar that serves non-alcohlic Kombucha. There is a lot of traffic going by headed to the Bolton Valley Ski Resort just 1/4 mile up the road, and we are one mile from the famous Long Trail. So there is a lot of exposure already in place.  We want to bring in a manager, cook, and server to open our Cafe.  Vermont is a huge Vegan hot spot, and we want to get known for the best vegan food around. The chef will be familiar with a large palet of tasty vegan food with everything from spicy to comfort food, plus baked goods and the best vegan pizza around. 

The couple we are seeking will fall in love with this adorable place and want to stay with us long term and eventually own the land with us.They will be eager to help us build up the business then share the profits with the Inn managers.  You can have the rare opportunity of becoming a part owner in the Lotus Mountain Retreat. The long term vision is to buy the property and business so you and your family can work for something that will stabalize your future income and reap the benefits for as many years as the place is still standing. But immediately we're looking for people that are a good fit with the rest of the management team.  Provided that's you and your partner,  you be invited to come for a trial period so we can learn about each other as a working team.  A good fit looks like a couple or small family that is high in integrity, healthy (vegan or willing to learn vegan), non smoker, non drinker, no drugs/weed. Be lovable, kind, and easy to live with. No drama. A stable couple. Be hospitable, greet the customers with friendliness and kindness. Cooperative with other staff stewards who live here and work here. Take direction easily without taking things personally ( be mature). Willing to learn good communication skills and other learning tools with the current team. Trust your source of abundance. This means we'll be starting out fresh, we work hard and trust the business will succeed. 

OFFER: The Inn gives you free room and board. This means you pay nothing for rent,utilities, wifi, soap, laundry. It also means you eat like royalty here and pay nothing for all organic vegan food you could possibly eat! This is a value of about $2,500 a month that you don't pay for your cost of living. There is a small stipend paid monthly. As the business picks up you will be sharing the income from the Cafe with the Lotus Mountain Retreat business.  There is a huge potential here, but starting off it's pretty simple. If you need additional income for personal vehicles, insurance, or bills it's easy to get other employement around here because it's a tourist area. However, your first prioriety must be to serve the Inn. Ideally, we'd like to attract a couple that already has an income like a retirement pension.

In addition: you are lucky to just get to be here in this beautiful place. We have a hot tub, sauna, yoga room, beautiful lounge with a large firepleace, georgeous view, and the best part is this place is blessed with special peaceful vibes. There are hiking and skiing trails starting right at our property. You are welcome to bring or plan events here as well to help with the income. 

If you are interested, and this sounds like something that would fit your life, please email us with a letter on why you would want to come, what would make you a good choice for us, and other information you think we might want to know about you and your partner. Resume's are good, talking is better.  Please email us.




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