Hostel Management Couple - Drake Bay Costa Rica

Hostel Management Couple - Drake Bay Costa Rica

Posted: 9/30/2019 - 11:58 am

We are a new hostel in the beautiful wilderness of Drake Bay, Costa Rica associated with the Corcovado Foundation. We are seeking a dynamic couple that enjoys working together and are not afriad to take over a busy hostel that has a restaurant and bar as well as a tour agency. We are looking to create a fun environment and work with the local community to be ecotourism innovaters. The hostel is owned by a conservation focused non profit and operated by the owner of the Jaguars Jungle Lodge. The hostel is located near one of the most beautiful beaches in Drake Bay and offers many opportunities for unique wilderness tours. 


As managers, your job is to

  • welcome guests
  • organize tours in the most lucritive way possible
  • communicate with and accept applications for volunteers to help with cleaning and gardening
  • manage the restaurant and bar
  • manage food orders every week
  • manage AND IMPROVE all online platforms such as, Hostelworld, etc.
  • manage all hostel operations such as check ins and checkouts
  • keep thorough expense and income reports
  • manage cleaning operations

What makes you right for this position?

  • Willingness and ability to relocate to a remote seaside town in Costa Rica
  • Previous experiences in hospitailty and managment
  • Ability to make excellent performance and financial reports
  • Ability to speak Spanish and English fluently
  • Love for the outdoors and a lively rainforest environment
  • An understanding or willingness to understand Costa Rican culture and how to work professionaly with Costa Ricans 
  • Desire to go above and beyond with restaurant and bar services to provide good qaulity meals and drinks
  • Ability to drive a land rover in sketchy dirt roads/ through rivers
  • marketing skills are perfered 
  • Creativity and positive attitudes


As managers you will live in the hostel a private room provided to you. You will also cook for yourselves with the food provided in food deliveries as the grocery stores are small and only good for emergencies in Drake. 


Salary is $1,000 per month plus food and housing. 

This is considered a very high salary in Costa Rica.


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