Motel Manager Couple - Eureka Springs, AR

Motel Manager Couple - Eureka Springs, AR

Posted: 8/8/2019 - 10:30 pm

We are looking for a management couple to manage our 44 room motel in historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Living quarters on site for convenience in managing the day to day operations.  Position to be filled as soon as possible.

Must have office skills including being able to work reservation sites, and some maintenance experience.  Duties include some laundry, grounds maintenance, check in and check out, putting on continental breakfast combined with good people skills.  Maids live on site as well.

Compensation includes: lliving quarters with all utilities, internet, cable tv with fair compensation package.   Some free days with owners taking over operations as needed.  Motel closed from Thanksgiving until mid-February or March 1st.

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