Own a min mansion B&B and save $100,000/year after all bills! - Morrison, CO

Own a min mansion B&B and save $100,000/year after all bills! - Morrison, CO

Posted: 10/12/2020 - 10:28 am

How much money do you have in retirement?  The Arrowhead Manor B&B is offered for sale for the first time ever!  This amazing property with gorgeous mountain views and perfect location, will pay all your bills and you will save over $100.000/year!  Yes, over $100,000/year!  Imagine seeing your bank accout go up 8 or 9 thousand per month, just sitting there.  All the bills are already paid. Your savings just keep growing.  More likely it would be $12,000 or more (after coronavirus). This is a conservative estimate depending on how well you can run a small business.  Never worry again about  paying a bill.  You will always have thousands in the bank.   

Looking for a live in innkeeper couple to groom and take over our operation.  You would live onsite while we groom you how we run things to take over.  The property is in amazing condition and great location.  Even busy during Covid.  You will pay all  your bills, all of them, car insurance, health insurance, food, rent, electric, gas, trash, cell, water, sewer, eating out at restaurants, activities, etc. etc. everything!  You will still save over $100,000/year!  Must have decent credit (over 720) and some money in the bank would help.  We may have a way to carry the downpayment.  

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to set you up for retirement just like it did for us!  More details available upon request. Retire in 10 years.  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!

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